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Culturally Sustaining Practices:
Pedagogy & Inclusive Schools

Series Begins: 
October 27

Understanding culturally responsive teaching practices to foster excellence for diverse learners

Individual Registration for Pathway: $600 (includes 5 professional learning days)


Districts participating within this pathway will spend 5 days unpacking their understanding of culturally sustaining practices including culturally responsive pedagogy, how to implement instructional practices to meet the needs of and foster excellence for diverse learners and how to create a more inclusive school community.

Participants in this pathway will: 

  • Bolster capacity in cultural competency, inclusivity, instructional equity, and welcoming schools

  • Develop and expand capacity to support integrating dimensions of multicultural education and culturally sustaining teaching and learning practices

  • Build the capacity to lead the development of curriculum and instructional plans that ensure broad, diverse perspectives and viewpoints in educational programs and departments

  • Gain tools to engage the school community in productive conversations about race, power, and privilege

Day 1:
Foundations for Equity 

Day 2:
Developing an Equity Lens 

Day 3:
Culturally Sustaining Practices 

Day 4:
Coaching and Supervising Culturally Sustaining Practices​

Day 5:
Igniting Change Pathways Symposium
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