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Inclusive School Culture

Series Begins: 
November 30

Understanding how discipline practices, SEL, & school culture intersect to create welcoming & inclusive school environments

Registration is closed for the 2022-2023 school year. 


In this pathway districts will consider how discipline practices, SEL, and school culture intersect and can be leveraged to create a welcoming and inclusive school environment for learners and their families.

Participants in this pathway will: 

  • Bolster capacity in cultural competency, inclusivity, and welcoming school environments for all students and adults

  • Build an inclusive school/district climate in which all students feel supported intellectually and academically, and feel valued in the educational environment regardless of identity

  • Gain tools to engage the school community in productive conversations about race, power, and privilege

Day 1:
Foundations of Equity in Education

Day 2:
Developing an Equity Lens

Day 3:
Examining Policy, Practice, and Physical Environment Through an Equity Lens

Day 4:
Coaching Children and Adults for an Inclusive School Culture 

Day 5:
Action Planning 
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