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Equity-Centered Leadership

Series Begins: 
October 27

Growing capacity to lead equity-centered change

Individual Registration for Pathway: $600 (includes 5 professional learning days)


In this 5-day pathway school and district leaders will focus on how to lead, facilitate and strategic plan for equity-centered change. 

Participants in this pathway will–

  • Expand capacity for equity-focused leadership at the school and/or district level, including skills in facilitating conversations about equity topics

  • Develop skill in using data and student/staff/family experiences in diagnosing and assessing equity within the culture, policies, and practices of a school or district

  • Gain expertise needed to be equity-centered instructional leaders so that every student thrives and excels

  • Build the capacity to lead development of a purposeful, intentional equity plan in partnership within the context of their local community

Pathway sessions will be differentiated based on participants’ prior knowledge and /or engagement in the 2022-2023 pathway sessions.

Day 1:
Foundations for Equity 

Day 2:
Facilitating Equity-Centered Conversations

Day 3:
Equity Driven, Data Informed 

Day 4:
The Table: Who's At It? Who's Heard?

Day 5:
Igniting Change Pathways Symposium 
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