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Grading Reform Pathway

Series Begins: 
December 5

Examining equitable practices for accurately representing student growth & to leverage engagement & improve access

Registration is closed for the 2022-2023 school year. 


In this 5-part series participants will focus on current grading practices and how they may be transformed to accurately represent student growth and mastery and be leveraged to promote engagement and improve access. 

Participants in this pathway will: 

  • Build capacity to lead transformation in grading practices, including developing a common purpose for grades

  • Investigate strategies for separating academic achievement from non-academic factors in grades

  • Examine methods for assessing and reporting student learning 

  • Develop strategies to engage teachers, families, and community members in conversation about equity-centered grading, feedback, and assessment practices 

Day 1:
Grading: Past, Present, & Visioning the Future 

Day 2:
Making Grading Transparent

Day 3:
Pathways to Grading Reform

Day 4:
Aligning Policies & Practices

Day 5:
Developing a Systematic Plan for Implementation
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